About us


Advertising with us?

  • We are an online media advertising company based in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and we operate with an international approach reaching from one side the growing demand of overseas properties investments and from another side the brokers willing to optimize their geographical target. 

  • We own two different portals where you can list all your properties in English. Our main portal was designed specifically for the Scandinavian market and has been online since 2010 visited by more than 50.000 unique visitors from Scandinavia. We do integrate your listing with the latest technology adapting whatever feed format that we script into our data bases performing automatic updates every day.

  • Listing your properties in many portals and managing all your subscriptions is time consuming. Do you agree? We do to. Our new partner has brought in our market the solution for that. Do you want to know more about it? Get more information now!

  • Advertising with us means multiplying your chances to get customers from abroad.

  BE: advertising!